Posted: 05/18/2009 in PRESS
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June 2009 - Central Voice Newspaper

If you don’t live in Pennsylvania and didn’t catch Glenn in the Central Voice Newspaper you can check it out here!!

  1. David Towne says:

    Hey. I’m David, i think I already messaged you but whatever. All this stuff about you helping people come out, is so totally true, because you set the perfect example as somebody who can just stand up and say, ” I’m gay, how are you?” You know? You personally were one of the few people to inspire me to come out, because I knew that a lot of people would not like it, my dad mostly. My mom was easy, my dad was so difficult to tell that I had to have my mom tell him. (sound familiar?) So basically If you wanna come out anyone, start slow by maybe telling close friends then friends then the easiest person in your family to talk to it about and so forth. Thats what i did, and for the most part it worked out fine. Of course you’re gonna hit some bums along the way, there’s no way of avoiding it forever. So think of it this way, It’s not Illegal, It’s what you want, and you have to right to stand up and say whatever the hell you want. Soooo, basically, be yourself :] Peace out. Response? Byeee.

  2. Haley says:

    Hi glen(: U have been my hero for ever ! I am totally cool with the gay thing. I myself am one hundred percent straight, but my best friend refuses to come out. I absolutely know he is. How do i get him to come out to me.

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