Brooke Glenn & Ashley Answer your QUESTIONS!

Posted: 06/05/2009 in PRESS, VH1 BROOKE KNOWS BEST
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  1. brookeashleyglenn fans says:

    WE LOVE U GUYS ! ( =
    When the third season begins ?
    how many years are you guys now ?
    hope that you answer soon (:

  2. Tori Wiese says:

    hey guys!
    I’m a huge fan of the three of you. I’m not at all gay…but i have gay friends. and i support them completely. i just wanna say thanks to Glenn. you have helped so many of my friends that are gay. they truely thank you for inspiring them to be true to themselves and their families. thank you so much. you just made a few lives easier:) and i just want to say that i support you completely. I know i will probably NEVER see you or meet you…(You’re a star…my wish to meet you and hang with you could never come true)…but i just wanna say thanks. you have impacted my friends lives, my life, and a lot of other peoples lives. I support gays and bisexuals 100%. i think they should have every right that straights have and they should be treated all the same.

    Love, Tori

    P.s. I replied to a couple of the other people on here. i put a different email on this note to you.

  3. vincent says:

    heyy i am not gay and stuff but my bro is…..i jus wanna say heyy and i am bigg fans and i look up2 all 3 of you guys!! i am truely lol in love wit brooke hogan…..future wifey lol jk well my bro is gary who wrote you glenn!!

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