Posted: 08/10/2009 in Going OUT with GLENN
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“heyy can i askk you
howw did you come out
to your parents about beingg gayy
cuz like i came out to the like everyone but
my parents and i really want to but idk how
theyy will take it and if they will accept me like that
byy the wayyy imm nott gayy imm bisexual abd i really need advice to the person that came out on t.v that took balls
but yeaaa any whoo yeaa hope to hear from you” (:

  1. Gen Jones says:

    Andy, If your friends and the rest of the people you can out to supported and still loves you then why would the parents that gave you life and raised you since you were bron, would’nt accept you? It may be hard for them at the beginnning because some parents may even begin to blame themself’s because they thing they did something wrong for you to be bisexual. Other parents may blame your friends because they may say that you learned that from someone else, but your parents will have the understand that this is you and I know that they will soon accept you not as a bisexual but as their son that they love regardless what who or what he likes/loves.

    Best of luck,

  2. Tori says:

    I’m not gay nor have i ever been…but if you know who you truely are and what you want to do with your life and how you want to live, then you have to make it happen. you have to be strong and ready for anything. Yes, coming out as gay/bisexual can be hard, but if your parents do love you, soon enough they will understand that this is who you are. It will be hard, but it should be worth it. Hang in there. Tell your parents. and I’m sure you will be fine. good luck to you. You’re a strong person.

  3. glennpackard says:

    Hey ANDY,
    It was just that it took balls LOL, I just have always been really comfortable on who I am! And I think its important to be u, when living life! So be a leader not a follower, and if you have come out to everyone I assume u have a good support group! So if your ready to tell your parent, just be ready for anything, you have to allow the idea of who you are to settle in. And remember not to judge them, since you yourself dont want to be judge of course!

    good luck out there and keep us posted!


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