Posted: 08/10/2009 in PRESS, VH1 BROOKE KNOWS BEST
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Favorite interview!!

  1. glennpackard says:

    thanks BUD!:) r u on my facebook page?

  2. Chris :) says:

    Hi Glenn
    My names chris and I live in the UK, I resently watched one of the lastest shows of “brooke knows best” (BIG FAN) and was truly touch by this and think that the relationship between you and Daniel Maigany is nothing like I have seen before and so special. I am writing to you just to ask about advise, I am 17 and I have be out about being a gay male for 12 months now and my parents are very exepting and would not want me to be any different but I find it really hard to find someone and havent had a relationship with another boy before 😦 do you think I could be doing anything wrong our could you give any advise please ?
    would be extremly greatful for any reply
    thanks chris x

  3. neal says:

    Hi glenn

    How did you make it into a boyband its so tough out there and a lot of people with talent dont have a clue where to start.

    I think hulk hogan is amazing even though he knew how hard it was too get a record contract somehow he always knew brooke would get one.

  4. andrew says:

    I suppose that you must receive many messages of your fans, but I, from here, i am the biggest and i identify myself with you because we have similar personalities and look for the same thing in the life, the real love, see you!

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