“Hey Glenn the name is Gary. I am gay. And I just want to say your such a great role model to the gay community. Me being 15 and all I came out in 8th grade and you know how you gave that speech. I wish I had someone as strong as you to help inform people about your life. I mean I know how it is to live in a small town I use to live in Tennessee. So I know how it is hard to come out in a small town. But even though I am open about being gay you have helped inspire me that us still being gay can do anything anyone else can do. I just wanted to tell you this.
I am a huge fan of you! And glad I get to see you on Brooke Knows Best!”



I want people to know my story and how I came out about being gay. Ever since I was in 4th grade I have had fantasy about being gay but I never thought of being with a guy. Than as the years went on and I got to middle school 6th and half of 7th grade year I dated girls to see if I was just confused or something. But after I left @@@@ Middle School to go to a private  Christian school called MCA reality started to sink in. I soon realized that people didn’t like gay people. So I really didn’t let that bother me because at that point I didn’t know who I was. So a year past by and I was at the end of 8th grade year when I said to myself I have to be real with people and tell someone who I really am. So I told a girl named (*$&%* about my sexuality. I mean it was such a relief to have someone know the real me! I felt so good because I felt like I didn’t have to hide anything anymore. But four months had gone by and I kind of let the whole thing about me being gay stay silent. Until one day I told another person and than it got back to my brother. So at this point three people knew about my sexuality and I was fine with that. And during this process of them finding out the whole school knew by the end of the week. But surprisingly everyone accepted me except one person who was my best friend $)(*%$. I was so hurt because the one person I loved and trusted didn’t accept me. But the only thing I dreaded was my dad finding out. So a couple of weeks later we was in karate and me and my brother was arguing so he said I’m going to tell everyone about you. So that night when we got home my dad and triplet sister ($*)$% had called $(*&%(*$ into the kitchen. So at this point I was freaking out because I knew thats what they was talking about. So a half hour later my dad called me to the living room and I was freaking out because I knew $*&%(*% had told them. But I was shocked when my dad accepted me being gay. He was supportive and everything. The reason he surprised me is because of the past and how he treated me. So we moved to a little country town called *$&%%$. And at this point I was afraid to come out because I didn’t know how people reacted in a small town. So my dad enrolled us into a small little high school called $*$%($% High School. So after a couple of weeks at this school I knew I could not come out because the country people would talk about shooting gay guys. So I was like hell I am not just going to be open to everyone so I came out to a couple of people but besides that I kept it on the down low once again which upseted me so badly. So than my home life on the other hand was terrible because my dad treated us so badly. So me and my brother decided to run away to the nearest gas station to call our mother who was working in Myrtle Beach,South Carolina at the time. But we arrived to the gas station and were so relieved because three days later child services got us out of the house. So than we moved in with our mom in Myrtle Beach,South Carolina. Than my mom enrolled us into (*$&%%## High School. But at this point I was excited because I knew it wasn’t a country school and I knew people weren’t so conserative. So after the 2nd day of school I told one person which than led to hundreds, the reason I was so confident is because I didn’t have that extra stress on my shoulders from living with my dad. I became strong and knew that I could do anything I put my mind to it. So after a couple of weeks of being at the high school I was open and out to everyone that asked me and I was so confident and true to myself! Than about three months later we moved to St. Augustine,Florida near the family. So we got enrolled in a school called $(*$%*$ High School. Which was really liberal. So I can remember walking in the first day of school and telling whomever I first met about my sexuality and told them who I really was. I felt so good because I was letting people to know the real $*(%)(*$)$#. So after being at the school for 4 months everyone knew me and respected me because they knew the real me! Even straight guys respected me because they thought that me being honest was a great thing. So just recently we moved back to Myrtle Beach,South Carolina because my mom got a great job here. And I am currently going to be homeschooled even though its not something I would prefer but it gives me the chance to pursue my goals in life! But I wouldn’t be able to pursue my goals in life without letting people know the real me!

This is my real story from the beginning to now.

  1. Gary says:

    Wow it’s been over a year since I wrote this. I could really write a book about my life and the obstacles I have gone through. I mean what I wrote up here wasn’t half the things I had to go through and am still going through. I am inspired that you allowed people to write their stories on your blog Gleen. It’s a year later and I hope you are doing great!

    Much love, Gary!

    P.S. I always remember your video IT WILL GET BETTER! It is so true. I know it will. Thanks! ❤

  2. Gen Jones says:

    Wow, Gary you have such a great story, and I hope everyone has the chance to sit down and read your story because it’s one of a kind. I love the fact that you are honest not only with yourself but with everyone else. Just by reading this story I can feel that you are proud of yourself. I’am also proud of yourself for being true to yourself. I hope you can achieve everything in life, and that you can be successful as your heart desires.

    Best of luck,

  3. vincent says:

    bro goodjob!!! i have always accepted you for who you r!!! glenn gary is a great guy who looks up2 you in so many ways!!!

  4. andy1o1 says:

    Be happy who you are garyy
    well yea me2 i came out beingg bisexual at the age 15
    welll yeaa hope for the best for you gary

  5. glennpackard says:

    Hey Gary! Thanks so much for your message! MEANS ALOT TO ME!! I am sure it is hard being from a small town like I was, and only being 15 coming out! I didnt come out till I was older. But I know that things will be amazing by being true to yourself. And there will be people that love you for who you are! So stay strong and enjoy your life AND ADVENTURES!!

    keep it real GLENN

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