Posted: 08/10/2009 in Going OUT with GLENN
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“hey glenn my name is johnathan i live in nyc and i am such a huge fan i see all of them episodes of brook knows best ypu are like a true hero to me and i really what to say thank you so much i am gay to and i was so afraid to come out and say that i was bisexual and it keep eating me inside i have been depressed and not talk to anybody but when i saw you and when you come out on t.v that you was gay it made me feel so good that if you can do it i can do it and when you sead that speech to your old high school it mad me feel so much better nowing that you came out and was not even shy i when i saw that i when up to my whole family and friends and told them rthat i was neer bisexual i as alwas gay and each and everyone of them are proud of me for telling them the truth and it made me feel so good and it all because of you you are my hero you now the song from mariah chary hero that song is from me to you thank you so much for haveing the balls lol to come out omg i am crying right now lol so thank you so muhc i love you so much deep in my harte muahzzz xoxoxoxox thank you”

  1. Gen Jones says:

    Johnathon, Iam glad you have gotten the inspiration to be honest and come out not only to close friends but also to your family. You are strong and very bold. I’am very proud of you. And know that you will conquer everything in life!

    Best of luck,

  2. glennpackard says:

    Thats a GREAT STORY!! i am so HAPPY for you make sure that you help others come out and share your story with them here! Because its not always easy, but then there are ones like YOUR STORY that are!! CONGRATS on being true to being yourself! Alot of people out there are very proud of you!


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