“Glenn I hope you dont delete this. I am in need for life changeing advice. I am also gay. But i havent told my parents. I do believe my parents are against gays. Please help me from your experince to get through mine”. Fan Forever Mason.

  1. Gen Jones says:

    Mason, you should do whatever your heart desires, just know that if your parents and friends love you for who you are then being gay should’nt change anything between the relationship of your parents, friends and you. Be proud of yourself, and know that once everyone realizes that someone’s sexuality doesn’t change them then they will realize that should’nt overreact when someone comes out. If your not ready, dont rush things, everything has their time.

    Best of luck,

  2. glennpackard says:

    hi Glenn ! I know I already wrote a message but here’s my better one. As a little kid I was ashamed of myself I knew I was different and that I was interested in men and not women. I can’t tell you how many times I cry every night just wanting to come out but I think it would be best if I’m older and am able to move out. I haven’t told my parents yet and I want to but I’m afraid I’ll be a disappointment to them. As I have gotten older I have become much more happy of myself and am soon going to tell everyone. I think as I have read your blogs they have really helped me out alot I wish I could have a conversation with but your GLENN D. PACKARD!! Luv you Glenn hope you and daniel the best ! Luv mason

    from glenn:
    You talking this open should help others coming out! I remember those days well, lots of crying and confused!! And you know what Im older and now realize nothing was wrong with me, but I felt really alone and different, and couldnt really turn to anyone, but again things are different now. You have a whole life in front of you, just be happy know that one day YOU Will find your PEEPS that love you FOR YOU! That your choices you make on how to handle this will be the best one for you!

    good luck bud! I hope others r reading these!:) to help them….


  3. mason says:

    Glenn your an amazing person it helps alot! Thanks

  4. glennpackard says:

    Okay the best I can do is give you my experience! I came out and my parents were NOT HAPPY, it took them awhile to except it. They still to this date have some issues with it, but what I do know is they love me, there is no doubt about that, they just have problem understanding my life style. And I know that there is all types of people out there and I accept them and everyone else, it takes some long then others, but everyone is different, If you are happy with who you are that is most important. Do it when you are ready! And you dont want to hide or be something your not, just remember it might be hard on them, but that doesnt mean there is anything wrong with you! Hope others here can share their story with you too!:)

    good luck out there GLENN

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