Posted: 08/10/2009 in Going OUT with GLENN

Hey Glenn!

“I just wanted to let u know that I’m truly a big fan of urs! I recently watched the episode of Brooke Knows Best and I thought u were very inspirational! U’ve inspired me to want to come out to my parents. However, they are both extremely religious and I’m scared that they will disown me. What should I do”?

One of your biggest fans,

  1. Fer says:

    Hi Glen !

    I’m a partnered gay male living at Lima PERU, and watching you on VH1 I’ve realized how peacefull person you are. You’re more centred and minded than most gay people I know, that’d be a cool role model for some gay guys who admires you.
    Maybe that could be a great idea about a gay-oriented reality show, eh?

  2. Chad says:

    You are not alone with this. It took me a long time with my parents. Don’t rush into it. Someday you will know when your ready to lift that presure off your shoulders that you are carrying around. I will never forget the day I told mine “at Thanksgiving dinner” with my “roomate” for several years. LOL I just decided it was time to start living my own life and said to myself ” If they really love me then it will be fine”. It was the best day of my life and My mom kinda guest anyways “moms know” Dad and brother took some time and more explaining but I am now closer then ever to all of my family.

    Best wishes,
    Chad 🙂

  3. nick erikson says:

    what glenn has said is 100% true parents dont understand how hard it is for gays to live in society and they do love you but they dont care if your care they just dissapprove of it because there scared that your are gonna get hurt and they dont want tha. i know its a stupid reason to not want your child to be gay but they just wanna protect you and also “prayers for bobby” was an incredible movie i saw it and i cried it was a great movie

  4. andy1o1 says:

    justt bee be stronggg Salvadorr
    iff yourr parentt really love youu theyy will respect
    andd acceppteddd youu howw youuu areee
    lovvve anndyyyy(:

  5. glennpackard says:

    Hey Bud,
    Thanks for your message, and when it comes to the Bible and being gay, there is alot of thoughts on this and people can get in a uproar on these things. My thing is GOD knows I stand for LOVE, and I am a LOVING person, and that I am LOVING someone, that LOVES me back. So that how I look at it. There was a movie I saw with SIGOURNEY WEAVER on CABLE NETWORK(i think LIFETIME) it was CALLES “PRAYERS for BOBBY” it tackles some of the BIBLE issues and it is a VERY GOOD MOVIE, I think alot of religious parents of gay children need to watch this film.

    good luck and keep your story update here to have others help u and at least give their opinion:)


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