Posted: 08/10/2009 in Going OUT with GLENN

“Hey Glenn, I wanted to thank you for adding me. Sorry for not sending my thanks sooner it’s just been frustrating these last couple of days for me. Anyway I do really enjoy watching the show it’s the only show I really watch besides the new. lol. I didn’t get to watch or even get to talk to you guys on Thursday night because of work. I did watch the one when you went back home and how you had told your friends and family about you being gay and having Daniel meet your family. I could really relate to how you felt. Your speech was great to and I learn to dream big! I want to live a great life and watching you live your life that you worked hard for and the challenges that you overcome shows me that I can do it too! I think you’re a great person and you have such a great personality and smile. I also wish you and Daniel the best in life”. Thanks, Tanner S.

  1. glennpackard says:

    Its all about LIVING THE ADVENTURE! enjoy your moments, finding your PASSION and going for it! And life is full of UPS AND DOWNS, so remember its your choice how you handle them!

    And Daniel & I are doing great, ONE YEAR anniversary is COMING UP!!:)

    Good luck out there!

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