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HO HO HO!! As Alot of my fans make know I LOVE HOLIDAYS, and X-MAS is the BEST of the BEST! So we came up with the IDEA that I would do a challenge and play a GAME!:) (since i love games too) And I will be giving a 1st 2nd & 3rd place Prizes for XMAS! (im going to post pictures of the 3 prizes on twitter today dec.1) SO LOOK OUT FOR THOSE!
THERE WILL BE 5 ROUNDS or 5 CHALLENGES!! Simple right ….LOL….OH no…Your going to have to WORK for these XMAS GIFTS lol

Okay the first ROUND is easy….its just a QUESTION & ANSWER! (each round will get more difficult as we go…hehehe) that was my evil laugh! lol

Send your answers to

You have till midnite DEC. 3 to find and send in your answers….. GOOD LUCK SUPER FANS….hope u have as much fun as I did putting it all together…(round 3 im looking forward too!!!)lol

PS-most all the answers are at my sites or internet…U just have to do your searching! if u dont think you know the answer.

1. I have a list of the 100 things Ive done in my lifetime….which hollywood actress did I make out with?

2. I have a female pop group…what is the name of the group & you have to send me a PICTURE of the group.

3. Name 10 famous singers I have worked for.

4. In one of my favorite episodes of BROOKE KNOWS BEST, I had to go on a date with a girl…what was her name?

5. Everyone should know I almost had my leg amputated and thats why I started dancing when it was better ….which leg was it?

6. I have a farm with my family the PACKARDS…in what town and state?

7. I have two MYSPACE PAGES one of them is dedicated to what I collect. What is that?

8. Now that question I think was easy now to make it harder the two top pictures has two superheroes kissing & and a fairy. Name them! (hint the two guys are from THE AUTHORITY & the fairy is an XMEN!)

9. The Insider called me a ___________ impersonator?

10. On SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE i worked & danced on 2 different episodes. Who where the two actors? and name the 2 songs? oh this one is good…HINT go to places on that have my videos…there are two locations…

GOOD LUCK!!! I love u all MERRY XMAS & see you again on DEC. 4th for ROUND 2!!!

xoxo GLENN 🙂

  1. Dustin Conlin says:

    Just submitted my answers!! hope they are right!!

  2. Gen Jones says:

    I’m not participating in the challenge!
    I know the answers to all of them!
    It’s like cheating! LMAO!

    plus i want other people to get a chance to talk to you and all!
    GEN <3's Daniel and you!

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