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Congrats the 15 people that I contacted to move on to ROUND 2 of the X-MAS challenge…. by now you 15 SUPER FANS know what your playing for.

My Cereal Hat worn on BKB.

My Teddy Bear that I have had in my life & on my BED for 10 years!

My Picture Art from our Premiere Party.

3 Super fans will WIN!

This next challenge is going to be fun!  Everyone knows I love X-mas, but what u probably dont know is I love going to Drag Queen performances, I think they are entertaining (the GOOD ONES, the bad ones are TRAGIC! lol) they put so much work into themselves & their performance & make very little money.  But they have a passion for the performance & for ur entertainement!

So with that said here is ROUND 2:

Im going to MIX the TWO XMAS & LIPSYNCING, You have to take a X-mas song of your choice, learn the words inside and out!  Grab a video camera, camera video, phone video,webcam,etc. Give it a xmas theme, and LIPSYNC to say yourlife!  LOL  Doesnt mean u have to do drag…lol…no…but do your own performance of the xmas song.

Here is an example even thou its not a xmas song.

Its me and my friend Hector, being silly….

As u can see we were not lipsyncing, but you need to, SKIES the LIMIT have fun, if its a duet xmas song grab a friend to help.  Just make sure its CHARMING, FUN, ENTERTAINING, & CREATIVE!!! lol NO PRESSURE!!! hahahaha  I know some might even be another language THATS TOTALLY cool from my international super fans!  Post them on YOUTUBE titled “GLENN DOUGLAS PACKARD XMAS CHALLENGE” I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE THESE!! OMG u have until MONDAY night, that give u the whole weekend.  No excuses,  Im the wrong one to give an excuse to, lol, U can make anything happen! Email me at to tell me your video is up!


have fun & get started  ROUND 2 just started!!!!


R U CEREAL! hahahaha


  1. cesar says:

    hi glenn, this video is very fun, I don’t stop to laugh… your friend is crazy jajajaja; you are the best in your work. from bogota, colombia


  2. janice says:

    I may not have been chosen and for good reason, but I have to say, man do you make me laugh you guys can sing to me anytime with no volume…lol that was awful….but I love your great soul my friend…janice

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