Posted: 12/11/2009 in UNCATEGORIZED
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Ok MY LUCKY 7, you have moved onto ROUND 3!! This one is quite simple!
You need to get 15 different people to tweet me! But its not at all that easy…ho ho ho they need to use no more then the REQUIRED 140 Characters/letters, They have to use your tweet name & mine,(example @JohnDoe @glennpackard)& make a sentence with the 2 tweet names using my favorite word CEREAL! lol (but remind them not in like CEREAL u eat, more like R U CEREAL?(serious)) lol

So a sentence NO LONGER THEN 140 Characters,letters,space,numbers,etc. on my TWITTER from 15 different people! That use yours & mine twitter names in a sentence using the word “cereal”. You have until SUNDAY midnite to get those people to do that for you. Make sure the sentence is good and creative. The best ones, that have some of my favorite tweets will be moving on to ROUND 4.

Your so close to your XMAS present from me getting sent to your address! I cant believe how CLOSE XMAS IS HO HO HO!!!:) Now go make some TWITTER friends! LOL….c ya!!!

  1. Dustin Conlin says:

    This would’ve been my last challenge anyways because I’m leaving for Navy Bootcamp on monday. But this one would have been difficult for me since I only got this because of this challenge. Well anyways hope you and Daniel have a great christmas and a safe one as well. 🙂

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