Posted: 12/16/2009 in UNCATEGORIZED
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Okay this CHALLENGE is a FUN ONE! YOU have to take a picture! in the picture I want to see two things:

1. You
2. Merry X-MAS GLENN

But here is the hard part…of course its not going to be easy! ho ho ho he he he (EVIL SANTA CLAUS LAUGH)… you have to make the “MERRY XMAS GLENN” with anything but the usual writing materials…no paper,pen,pencil,maker,crayons,chalk,etc…it has to be in some other form!! (I could give ideas but then you would all do them, I will give you two…but it means u cant use them, write it out with Noodles or with rocks) Oh and One more thing you have to get 5 other FACEBOOK FANS or TWITTER fans, that you do not know to do one for you as well! So that means getting connected with other SUPERFANS! & finding the right ones that will help you and R TRUELY GDP fans! So send messages and make sure you have good ones! ONCE you have all 6 pictures…send it to my email WHATSUPGLENN@AOL.COM… My favorites will move on to the LAST ROUND! This challenge ends FRIDAY NITE! Now have fun & get creative!!!! ho ho ho!!!

xoxo GLENN

the links r

(incase you didnt already know that!) lol

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