Win a chance to “DIET WITH THE STARS”!

Posted: 12/22/2009 in THATS ENTERTAINMENT
Tags: , Are you or someone you know ready to make that change in their a chance to DIET with Glenn Douglas Packard! You will get a GYM MEMBERSHIP, your OWN PERSONAL TRAINER, Food sent everyday to your home & the chance to do it all with Glenn! THIS IS A CHANCE OF A LIFETIME, and if you or someone you know is looking to LOOSE WEIGHT, then this is that CHANCE! You are the captain of your DESTINY!  Now lets make it happen! Happy New Year! GLENN 🙂 go to link for info!

  1. john shaver says:

    great site,also look at my site

  2. dorothy says:

    Hi Glen you and I chat from time to time on facebook so I am interested in in your contest I don’t have webcam or anything but know that I have been really working on the whole idea that I know I need to shed the pounds but I do not have the support and some times lack of motivation I would be so blessed to have this opportunity to do this diet thing nd know with success from this I too can turn around and give the same to someone else one day please consider me fro this generous chance to finally have my dream come true living my life in the body I know I was meant to have…healthy
    I love you and your cause take care
    Dorothy facebook buddy

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