SNEAK PEAK pics and VIDEO TEASER of “LOVE LOVE LOVE” choreorgaphed by GLENN

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CHECK OUT the Music Video of artist Andres Cuervo called “LOVE LOVE LOVE” not to get confused with my new song coming out “LOVE DANCE”. I choreographed the video that had 25 characters: Prostitute, Pimp, Druggie, Nun, Muslim, Jew, Military person, 3 kids, nerd, 2 gang members, 2 immigrants, full figured woman, drag queen, someone with a disability, 2 lesbians, business man, homeless person, high society lady, police officer, goth girl.
We did the shoot until 6 in the morning! and the dancers kept the energy all thru the night! Here is some pics

Rehearsal with ANDRES & GLENN for video

Auditions for “LOVE LOVE LOVE” video with GLENN

Video Teaser #1

Video Teaser #2

Making Of “love love love” (go to 3:25 to see me and the dancers)

A SNEAK PEAK LOOK of whats to come! LOVE LOVE LOVE (:30 seconds into video)!/video/video.php?v=10150196668541886

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