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First I want to say thank you for all the outpour of thinking of you’s and condolences family, friends, and fans have sent to me. I might have disappeared for a bit but I needed to mourn and go through this natural experience of losing someone close to my heart. I always said I had super powers but I learned that day that I didnt and we lost a super being.

From the start of this dream MEN OF THE STRIP, it was all about the guys for me, and to have a perfect diverse sexy set of guys, Nate was the only cast member that I didnt have to create a character name for him, cuz he was already “THE MIDKNIGHT COWBOY” and he had alot of “cowboy business” to spread and teach. We instantly knew he was going to be a big part of this dream.

Its not hard remembering him if you tell the truth and the truth is he had a zest for life & to spread happiness. In my rehearsals I would make the guys go thru an intense 45 minute professional warm-up that I created for dancers, and even thou these guys were just strippers, they were pushed to do and try their best, and Nate didnt just try, he perfected it, just as if he was a professional dancer, i would scream with excitement “LOOK AT THIS GUY!” “YESSSSS GO, NATE, GOOOO!” He set the bar high in those days of rehearsals which made the rest of the cast push themselves harder. The only problem i would have with him is he always would show up for rehearsal and sound checks on the road in sandals/flip-flops, and I would be like “NATE, do you really think your going to dance in flip flops? Go put on some shoes!” and I can always see him smirking over at me as he walked away, saying in that Nate voice……”Okayyyyyyyyy Glenn” with his chuckle laugh. It makes me smile even this moment, imagining it.

On the road when we were on the tour for 3 months is when I started to get to know him personally. See I have this rule, I dont become friends with the people that work or dance for me, but every now and then it just happens, cuz you connect or have the same interest with a person. I jump job to job in this entertainment industry and you meet people and then down the road your keeping up with them on social media, but Men of the Strip was becoming much more than that, it was becoming a brotherhood, and like his mom and dad had told me “you all have become an extension of Nate, our son”.

Nights of the performances, I would sit back in the sound booth usually looking over the audience, when the guys hit the room filled with screaming women, It was so entertaining to watch him interact with the fans, and he would look over at a girl in the distance, start boping his head, the smile would come out and then he would do the “fingerbang” in the direction of that lucky girl, and then on his way he would go….Nate would have this smile that was so big for the ladies, actually when he smiled his whole face smiled.

We had our talks about love, life, careers, and dreams. In some of the cities he would train me, he knew I wanted help in that area, and he wanted to help me, I’m always helping others and focusing on a project that I sometimes neglect myself, he was my teacher, he would train me, and I found myself becoming the student. He would take me running and it wasnt just running he used the earth and enviroment around him to train me, he was amazing at it. He was the creator of the beast mode in my eyes.

The day he passed, we lost a big part of the dream, but Nate wanted others to be happy, and the dream of Men of the Strip will continue, it will continue hopefully way pass my lifetime, so we will honor him, we will do a tribute to our fallen brother, because he will always be part of us, and his spirit will be with us in every show we do.

R.I.P Nate…
Love you,GLENN

if you want to donate to help Nate’s family please click on link:









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  2. andreazingt says:

    RIP Nate, my thoughts are going out to family, friens & fans ! I did not get the chance to know him better but I’m sure he was a great personanlity… x Andrea

  3. Mel Samples says:

    I thought I’d been doing pretty well about dealing with my own grief until I read this and started crying all over again.

    Nate was an incredible individual that changed us all for the better. He will be greatly missed.

    Thank you for sharing this with us, Glenn. xo

  4. Annabel R says:

    I was at the NY show last year and the Boston one recently. I missed Nate at the After Party but figured he was exhausted or sick. I was just stunned when I heard the news of his passing.

    I know none of you have spoken about the nature of his death but perhaps with time you might use the brand to raise awareness of suicide in young men. Everyone’s reaction in the aftermath is to say ‘But he was so happy/fun-loving/positive’ etc… And as someone who has suffered from depression in the past I know how exhausting it can be to put on a happy face and mask the pain. People need education so they can identify and support people , especially young men, suffering with depression.

    Just a suggestion!

    Sending all my love to you Glenn and looking forward to seeing the guys on stage or screen again soon. And if you are talking to Kyle please pass on my (and all MOTS fans I’m sure) sympathies. He was the first person I thought of when I heard the news.

  5. abaumpr says:

    Well said…he was a great person and always smiling. RIP Nate, you will always have a special place in our hearts!

  6. lisa says:

    Rest Easy Nate

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