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Let me tell you a little something about myself….I have traveled the world, worked with the biggest name in the industry, & even been a reality star, but none of that is as important to me as these 5 people. SHANE, ERICA, MASON, SAMMY, & RYAN are my nephews and niece…& I have such an adventure with them when I go home, they keep me young and I feel as thou I’M a living ‘PETER PAN’. They are my family and I love them with all my heart. Here is a few pictures of us and the adventures we have had while they grow up and experience all the great things life has to offer. They have made me the man I am today, They have been their for me with the biggest smiles on their faces & I have made sure that they live life to the fullest and enjoy each and every one of their adventures! I LOVE THEM so VERY MUCH….Enjoy the VIDEO! 🙂

Okay this CHALLENGE is a FUN ONE! YOU have to take a picture! in the picture I want to see two things:

1. You
2. Merry X-MAS GLENN

But here is the hard part…of course its not going to be easy! ho ho ho he he he (EVIL SANTA CLAUS LAUGH)… you have to make the “MERRY XMAS GLENN” with anything but the usual writing materials…no paper,pen,pencil,maker,crayons,chalk,etc…it has to be in some other form!! (I could give ideas but then you would all do them, I will give you two…but it means u cant use them, write it out with Noodles or with rocks) Oh and One more thing you have to get 5 other FACEBOOK FANS or TWITTER fans, that you do not know to do one for you as well! So that means getting connected with other SUPERFANS! & finding the right ones that will help you and R TRUELY GDP fans! So send messages and make sure you have good ones! ONCE you have all 6 pictures…send it to my email WHATSUPGLENN@AOL.COM… My favorites will move on to the LAST ROUND! This challenge ends FRIDAY NITE! Now have fun & get creative!!!! ho ho ho!!!

xoxo GLENN

the links r

(incase you didnt already know that!) lol

Ok MY LUCKY 7, you have moved onto ROUND 3!! This one is quite simple!
You need to get 15 different people to tweet me! But its not at all that easy…ho ho ho they need to use no more then the REQUIRED 140 Characters/letters, They have to use your tweet name & mine,(example @JohnDoe @glennpackard)& make a sentence with the 2 tweet names using my favorite word CEREAL! lol (but remind them not in like CEREAL u eat, more like R U CEREAL?(serious)) lol

So a sentence NO LONGER THEN 140 Characters,letters,space,numbers,etc. on my TWITTER from 15 different people! That use yours & mine twitter names in a sentence using the word “cereal”. You have until SUNDAY midnite to get those people to do that for you. Make sure the sentence is good and creative. The best ones, that have some of my favorite tweets will be moving on to ROUND 4.

Your so close to your XMAS present from me getting sent to your address! I cant believe how CLOSE XMAS IS HO HO HO!!!:) Now go make some TWITTER friends! LOL….c ya!!!

Congrats the 15 people that I contacted to move on to ROUND 2 of the X-MAS challenge…. by now you 15 SUPER FANS know what your playing for.

My Cereal Hat worn on BKB.

My Teddy Bear that I have had in my life & on my BED for 10 years!

My Picture Art from our Premiere Party.

3 Super fans will WIN!

This next challenge is going to be fun!  Everyone knows I love X-mas, but what u probably dont know is I love going to Drag Queen performances, I think they are entertaining (the GOOD ONES, the bad ones are TRAGIC! lol) they put so much work into themselves & their performance & make very little money.  But they have a passion for the performance & for ur entertainement!

So with that said here is ROUND 2:

Im going to MIX the TWO XMAS & LIPSYNCING, You have to take a X-mas song of your choice, learn the words inside and out!  Grab a video camera, camera video, phone video,webcam,etc. Give it a xmas theme, and LIPSYNC to say yourlife!  LOL  Doesnt mean u have to do drag…lol…no…but do your own performance of the xmas song.

Here is an example even thou its not a xmas song.

Its me and my friend Hector, being silly….

As u can see we were not lipsyncing, but you need to, SKIES the LIMIT have fun, if its a duet xmas song grab a friend to help.  Just make sure its CHARMING, FUN, ENTERTAINING, & CREATIVE!!! lol NO PRESSURE!!! hahahaha  I know some might even be another language THATS TOTALLY cool from my international super fans!  Post them on YOUTUBE titled “GLENN DOUGLAS PACKARD XMAS CHALLENGE” I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE THESE!! OMG u have until MONDAY night, that give u the whole weekend.  No excuses,  Im the wrong one to give an excuse to, lol, U can make anything happen! Email me at to tell me your video is up!


have fun & get started  ROUND 2 just started!!!!


R U CEREAL! hahahaha


HO HO HO!! As Alot of my fans make know I LOVE HOLIDAYS, and X-MAS is the BEST of the BEST! So we came up with the IDEA that I would do a challenge and play a GAME!:) (since i love games too) And I will be giving a 1st 2nd & 3rd place Prizes for XMAS! (im going to post pictures of the 3 prizes on twitter today dec.1) SO LOOK OUT FOR THOSE!
THERE WILL BE 5 ROUNDS or 5 CHALLENGES!! Simple right ….LOL….OH no…Your going to have to WORK for these XMAS GIFTS lol

Okay the first ROUND is easy….its just a QUESTION & ANSWER! (each round will get more difficult as we go…hehehe) that was my evil laugh! lol

Send your answers to

You have till midnite DEC. 3 to find and send in your answers….. GOOD LUCK SUPER FANS….hope u have as much fun as I did putting it all together…(round 3 im looking forward too!!!)lol

PS-most all the answers are at my sites or internet…U just have to do your searching! if u dont think you know the answer.

1. I have a list of the 100 things Ive done in my lifetime….which hollywood actress did I make out with?

2. I have a female pop group…what is the name of the group & you have to send me a PICTURE of the group.

3. Name 10 famous singers I have worked for.

4. In one of my favorite episodes of BROOKE KNOWS BEST, I had to go on a date with a girl…what was her name?

5. Everyone should know I almost had my leg amputated and thats why I started dancing when it was better ….which leg was it?

6. I have a farm with my family the PACKARDS…in what town and state?

7. I have two MYSPACE PAGES one of them is dedicated to what I collect. What is that?

8. Now that question I think was easy now to make it harder the two top pictures has two superheroes kissing & and a fairy. Name them! (hint the two guys are from THE AUTHORITY & the fairy is an XMEN!)

9. The Insider called me a ___________ impersonator?

10. On SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE i worked & danced on 2 different episodes. Who where the two actors? and name the 2 songs? oh this one is good…HINT go to places on that have my videos…there are two locations…

GOOD LUCK!!! I love u all MERRY XMAS & see you again on DEC. 4th for ROUND 2!!!

xoxo GLENN 🙂