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Hey GleNn!!
i’M so happy cuz u accepted my request 😛
u know? i’ve thinking so much bout u these days, love u at brooke
knows best and love brooke too!, when i saw the chapters in wich u take daniel
to meet brooke,ashley,hulk and ur parents OMG made me feel so good.
U showed that u really are an amazing person, felt so jealous of all
of them because they have this beautiful human been beside them, but
i know i can count with u too.. although we don’t know
each other… i’ve read ur biography n man u do have balls! 😛
i’ll tell u something bout me
my name is *****,  i..m from a small town in *****. i’m 19 years old and of course i’m gay
my father is a farmer,i..m a country boy :]
since i’m a child i’ve helped him in the ranch labors but i don’t like them as well
as i like another things. my town and my family are very conservative, so it’s difficult
to be gay, my days from primary to high school weren..t as well as they could be.
didn..t have friends, well i mean didn..t have persons that i can trust with, and i still
don..t have someone.
i had 2 girlfriends but they weren’t special cuz i just wantted to prettend to be a person that
i’m not..
i’m studying in another state,i live with ma simblings in a little house
i can tell u that there is no person that knows me ass well to know that i..m gay, but now
there..s a special person that know it.. you! 😛
oh by the way the state in wich i’m studying is Aguscalientes and ma carrer’s name is
“sthatistical industrial engineering”.
sometimes i feel so lonely , like i don’t have a reason to be here, cuz
i haven..t somebody to be in love with because i’m still into the closet..and i think it will be
like that by long long time…(hope not)

somedays these encountered feelings arrive to me, u know those that u don’t know how to
explain and don’t even know what u really feel.. but those days ma friend
i really need someone to talk it over.
sometimes i think in this phrase that spider man said in his 2nd movie
“maybe i’m not supossed to be this way!” 😛
feel like him, i’ve wished so manytimes not to be gay because of the society, my family and all
that stuff but those thoughts are so wrong, in fact i really do accept me as i am!
and i’m conffident that someday i will be a great engineer.. a great gay engineer!

that speech that u gave in ur old high school was so inspiring, when i was watching that chapter
felt like i wanted to run and hug u,
i’ve started to Big dream, and do u know wich is one of my dreams?
one of them is to get to know u!…huge dream huh?? 😛
i hope to meet u one day, 4 REAL!!, i congratulate u and daniel 4 being a beautiful couple,
u are such a cutties :]
wish u da bezt!!!, and i thank GOD for sending us a lovely boy like u!

i consider u as ma friend, hope u someday feel the same or at least a little beat the same bout me 😛
by the way i sent u a text message to ********** from ************.. u probably didn..t
receive it, but u know? when i sent it  i felt good, was great to imagine that u  where able to receive and read it.

Thanks 4 reading this and i hope u to write me back, that’d be great!!!


Favorite interview!!

CliMbiNg hIs WaY to THe ToP of ThE GaY liSt!

CliMbiNg hIs WaY to THe ToP of ThE GaY liSt!


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