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These 2 guys just ROCK! I hope to be working with them for awhile THEY have the HEART and DETERMINATION to take over the industry. Extremely talented guys. Here is the performance, and yes they tried to fly at the end, (against my wishes) and again didnt work. So I am hoping they dont fly ever again! lol By the way CHINO unzipping his vest, my idea…needs to do that more often dont you think! lol Loved hanging back stage with the Chino Y Nacho team too, and Nacho little son who is mini-nacho! 🙂 Jay Sean was great to work with and his wife is BEAUTIFUL! It was great to do this SUPER HERO theme since I have been a comic book collector since I was 13 years old…SO I WAS IN HEAVEN….here is the VIDEO and some behind the scene photos from rehearsals, backstage, show day, & more! 🙂 “BEBE BONITA” PS- love this version of the song BIG TIME! & this group of DANCERS KILLED it and worked so hard in rehearsals. I love when that happens…

Check out the sexy FANNY LU, it was a blast working with her, She was really scared to be over the top sexy, but I think I got it out of her. She went thru alot during the filming of this, even twisted her ankle at the beginning of the shoot. But her spirit and attitude was amazing thru out the whole day, even with me carrying her to set. what a trouper. Take a look at NI LOCA

Some behind the scene photos:

I have to say the night of the release party was just so amazing! The people that came out to support put the biggest smile on my face as you can tell from these photos. Bar721 in Miami hosted the release party, industry and friends came out to support a dream of mine. Thanks for everyone who came out it meant so much to see you all there. Never give up on your dreams, and enjoy the moments! I know that night I did and I will never forget it. Enjoy some pictures from the event! “LOVE DANCE” now available on itunes

photos by Mitchell Zachs

Here is pictures and video from the Premios Juventud 2011 Awards. This was something new for me cuz I had a MOSH PIT/FLASH MOB! 1,500 kids! I had a blast teaching them all & then I had the 30 hot female dancers most of them from MIAMI(a couple from NYC) on stage looking sexy as ever! To top it off the 787 crew from America Best Dance Crew made an appearance in the performance. This was the opening number of the show I hope u enjoy it…. I know I did! 🙂