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First I want to say thank you for all the outpour of thinking of you’s and condolences family, friends, and fans have sent to me. I might have disappeared for a bit but I needed to mourn and go through this natural experience of losing someone close to my heart. I always said I had super powers but I learned that day that I didnt and we lost a super being.

From the start of this dream MEN OF THE STRIP, it was all about the guys for me, and to have a perfect diverse sexy set of guys, Nate was the only cast member that I didnt have to create a character name for him, cuz he was already “THE MIDKNIGHT COWBOY” and he had alot of “cowboy business” to spread and teach. We instantly knew he was going to be a big part of this dream.

Its not hard remembering him if you tell the truth and the truth is he had a zest for life & to spread happiness. In my rehearsals I would make the guys go thru an intense 45 minute professional warm-up that I created for dancers, and even thou these guys were just strippers, they were pushed to do and try their best, and Nate didnt just try, he perfected it, just as if he was a professional dancer, i would scream with excitement “LOOK AT THIS GUY!” “YESSSSS GO, NATE, GOOOO!” He set the bar high in those days of rehearsals which made the rest of the cast push themselves harder. The only problem i would have with him is he always would show up for rehearsal and sound checks on the road in sandals/flip-flops, and I would be like “NATE, do you really think your going to dance in flip flops? Go put on some shoes!” and I can always see him smirking over at me as he walked away, saying in that Nate voice……”Okayyyyyyyyy Glenn” with his chuckle laugh. It makes me smile even this moment, imagining it.

On the road when we were on the tour for 3 months is when I started to get to know him personally. See I have this rule, I dont become friends with the people that work or dance for me, but every now and then it just happens, cuz you connect or have the same interest with a person. I jump job to job in this entertainment industry and you meet people and then down the road your keeping up with them on social media, but Men of the Strip was becoming much more than that, it was becoming a brotherhood, and like his mom and dad had told me “you all have become an extension of Nate, our son”.

Nights of the performances, I would sit back in the sound booth usually looking over the audience, when the guys hit the room filled with screaming women, It was so entertaining to watch him interact with the fans, and he would look over at a girl in the distance, start boping his head, the smile would come out and then he would do the “fingerbang” in the direction of that lucky girl, and then on his way he would go….Nate would have this smile that was so big for the ladies, actually when he smiled his whole face smiled.

We had our talks about love, life, careers, and dreams. In some of the cities he would train me, he knew I wanted help in that area, and he wanted to help me, I’m always helping others and focusing on a project that I sometimes neglect myself, he was my teacher, he would train me, and I found myself becoming the student. He would take me running and it wasnt just running he used the earth and enviroment around him to train me, he was amazing at it. He was the creator of the beast mode in my eyes.

The day he passed, we lost a big part of the dream, but Nate wanted others to be happy, and the dream of Men of the Strip will continue, it will continue hopefully way pass my lifetime, so we will honor him, we will do a tribute to our fallen brother, because he will always be part of us, and his spirit will be with us in every show we do.

R.I.P Nate…
Love you,GLENN

if you want to donate to help Nate’s family please click on link:









These 2 guys just ROCK! I hope to be working with them for awhile THEY have the HEART and DETERMINATION to take over the industry. Extremely talented guys. Here is the performance, and yes they tried to fly at the end, (against my wishes) and again didnt work. So I am hoping they dont fly ever again! lol By the way CHINO unzipping his vest, my idea…needs to do that more often dont you think! lol Loved hanging back stage with the Chino Y Nacho team too, and Nacho little son who is mini-nacho! 🙂 Jay Sean was great to work with and his wife is BEAUTIFUL! It was great to do this SUPER HERO theme since I have been a comic book collector since I was 13 years old…SO I WAS IN HEAVEN….here is the VIDEO and some behind the scene photos from rehearsals, backstage, show day, & more! 🙂 “BEBE BONITA” PS- love this version of the song BIG TIME! & this group of DANCERS KILLED it and worked so hard in rehearsals. I love when that happens…

Check out the sexy FANNY LU, it was a blast working with her, She was really scared to be over the top sexy, but I think I got it out of her. She went thru alot during the filming of this, even twisted her ankle at the beginning of the shoot. But her spirit and attitude was amazing thru out the whole day, even with me carrying her to set. what a trouper. Take a look at NI LOCA

Some behind the scene photos:

I know alot of people want to know why we broke up so I felt I owed it to alot of you to know why, so I wrote it in the latest VALENTINES ISSUE of WHATS HAPPENING MAGAZINE. XOXO GLENN

In OCT of 2010 the owners of WHATS HAPPENING MAGAZINE asked me to write a column for their magazine. I was so excited to be a part of their magazine since I was always a fan of their content, layouts, and photographs. Here is the G-SPOT column from each of the themed issues, that Daniel & I had the pleasure of writing and doing photo shoots for each month. To see more on the magazine go to








D-SPOT MAY 2011 theme “FASHION”







As all of you know I released my first single “LOVE DANCE” it was something I told myself I would do this year, & I’m one of those type of people when I dream it, I make it into a reality. After I released it alot of people and fans asked if there would be a music video. So because “I CAN” is in my vocabulary I got right on it.

First I talked to my friend R3Y GUTI3RRI3Z, we had directed some projects in the past together and if I was to do anything of my own, the one person I could trust and I believe in was him. He was gamed & that put my gears in motion. I then contacted the owner Greg Hauptner of G-STAR SCHOOL OF ARTS where I had done some other projects in the past with, (Dancing on the Edge) he was okay with me filming my music video on his huge lot but there was a big problem, the whole movie studio lot is being turned into South Florida’s largest Halloween Haunted Experience. So I took a drive up to West Palm to take a look at it. When I first arrived I was like…”WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH ALL THIS HAUNTED BACK DROP & MY SONG LOVE DANCE” but instead of being disappointed and down. I came to a brilliant idea…what is something I love more then any thing? HORROR FILMS! and the fact I had this all available to me I was going to turn LOVE DANCE into a mini horror movie music video! It just was perfect scenario in my eyes.

Next I sat down and put together a treatment and skeleton of the music video and the idea. Next step was asking the dancers and some friends of MIAMI to be part of my dream. My leading lady CELINA BEACH, came over to DANIEL & I home and help plot out all the logistics from contacting & schedules for the 20 plus dancers I wanted to be in the video.

Rehearsals started at Iron FLower Fitness with the dancers and my vision was coming to life….then the day of the shoot was upon us…it seemed like everyone was there and people that are so special in my life were enjoying the moment and sharing in my passion. I got a bit teary eyed a couple times, but not too bad, couldn’t let my guyliner run! lol I got up at 6:00am that day of the shoot and wrapped the video at 3:00am..
Hair and make up from the AVEDA TEAM arrived early to get started on me and the dancers. The amazing BEU SISTERS driving in all the way from NEW SMYRNA BEACH do make a special appearance in the video, The photographers Julie, at the beginning of the day, then Mitchell at the end of the day capturing all the behind the scenes. Friends like Kieran and Ricky(along with a couple KICK-ASS G-STAR students) helping to roll in the equipment, that R3Y and I had packed into my jeep, along with all the wardrobe I got from JOEY RALONE “SEXY FUNKY COUTURE”. And then there was Daniel giving me all the moral support and at the same time helping me out to relax and breathe and enjoy the moment as he himself got ready to be in this music video!

At the end of the day we got all of our shots but 2. But we definitely had enough for the music video. The one thing we didn’t finish was the movie part of the music video, the whole reason why LOVE DANCE becomes a horror music video. But no worries nothing stops me from making it happen! You know Daniel & I, along with a couple of friends will be making a trip up to the BEU SISTERS homes soon because I have a alternate intro to the video that I think will work.

I want to share some of the pics from the shoot that day! I’m a dream maker always making everyone’s dreams come true, but this time it was my turn. All those that helped just had me smiling ear to ear.

Never give up on your dreams and when you want something you go after it and make it become a new chapter in your life! dream BIG


“True Blood/Twilight” theme by Jewelshots-Julie Shapiro

“Zombie Nurses” & “The Freak Show” theme by MagicalPhotos-Mitchell Zachs

I have to say the night of the release party was just so amazing! The people that came out to support put the biggest smile on my face as you can tell from these photos. Bar721 in Miami hosted the release party, industry and friends came out to support a dream of mine. Thanks for everyone who came out it meant so much to see you all there. Never give up on your dreams, and enjoy the moments! I know that night I did and I will never forget it. Enjoy some pictures from the event! “LOVE DANCE” now available on itunes

photos by Mitchell Zachs